Doctor of Philosophy (Co-supervisor)

2020 – current; "The Nature of School Counselling Mental Health Services in Australia: A national school counselling model with professional standards and competencies to enhance student wellbeing and academic outcomes"

2019 – current; "The Nature of Leadership in School Leadership Teams in South Australian Schools"

2019 – current; "Journeys of Strength: An Appreciative Study of Older Workers in Employment in Singapore"

2019 – current; "Character Education in Boarding Schools"

2018 – current; "A Study of the Effectiveness of South Australian Independent Schools Character Education Programs and their Impact on Student Wellbeing"

2017 – current; "Teacher's wellbeing in rural Jilin province China: an appreciative study

Master of Philosophy (Principal Supervisor)

2019 – current; "Teacher Professional Development Efficacy and Improvement Processes"

Master of Education (Supervisor - past)

2019, "Engagement and Belonging in Schools"

Master of Teaching Dissertation (Supervisor - past)
2019, "Music Education as a way to promote Student Wellbeing in the Arts in an all boys’ school: An Appreciative Study"

2019, "Student Engagement, Belonging and Connectedness: an Appreciative Case Study to Promote Student Growth"

2019, "An appreciative case study of the application of a new wellbeing framework at a catholic girl’s school"

2019, "A Case Study of Self-Efficacy and Growth Mindset in Year-Eight"

2018, “A critique of evidence-based approaches to gifted and talented education"

2018, "A Literature Review of Teacher Wellbeing".

2018, "Deciphering Wellbeing Data: A Case Study"

2018, "A Case Study of Male Student Absenteeism: an Analysis of School Climate and Masculinity"

2018, "Wellbeing, Sleep and Homework: A Study of South Australian High School Students"

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